In the absence of an electrical project or when changing or supplementing it, we prepare and add updates and bring all the work performed in accordance with the technical data of the network operator and the specifics of the building.


We help you find the most suitable location that would allow you to use the charger comfortably and safely, taking into account the specifics of the charger and vehicle to be installed and the readiness of the building.


We install the selected charger on the wall of the building, in a garage or parking lot with a post attachment. We offer standard installation at a fixed price. With the custom installation, everything that is not included in the standard installation is added, including all kinds of additional construction work.

Measurement and energy audit

If your building does not have sufficient electrical power or you are not aware of the possibilities for installing a charger in an electric vehicle, we will perform all kinds of measurement work and prepare an audit, as a result of which changes can be made in the electrical design.

Solar energy solutions

We advise and design and install a solar energy system with an optimal solution for your building, which would take into account the existing needs and would also allow you to charge the electric vehicle without any worries.

Maintenance and inspection

If necessary, we regularly perform maintenance and inspections on the installed charging equipment.

What is included in the standard installation

Job type

Standard installation

Additional work

Charger installation

On the wall

To installation mail

Routing the cable to the charger

Up to 10 m from the main panel

Beyond 10 m from the main panel

Excavation work

No need to dig

Needs digging

Installing the fuse in the electrical panel

The switchboard does not require further configuration

Protection does not fit in the switchboard

Drilling a wall

Up to 50 cm wall

Thicker than 50 cm wall

Cable Installation

The cable is visible on the wall (protective tube)

The cable is hidden in the wall


€ 295

Extra work will be charged

When installing outside Harju, Tartu or Pärnu counties, a transport fee of 0.50 € / km will be added to the price. The final price is confirmed by the buyer's work before concluding the contract.

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