DEFA eRange DUO Electric Car Charger

eRange® Duo | with two outlets

Station with two outlets and test-winning charging technology. The ideal choice if you want to be able to charge two cars at the same time.

Functions – eRange® Duo

eRange® Duo

Charging power 3.7kW-22kW (variant selected by order)

Type 2 socket or fixed EV charging cable

Fanless cooling - charging box without noise

Lockable front that easily can be opened during installation and service

Earth fault circuit breaker and DC earth fault monitor

Available with EU-approved energy meter - the market's most precise

DC leakage detection

Fanless cooling - charging box without noise

Full controll of charging via free PC or Android application.

Option to add RFID mount.

DEFA eRange Duo

From: 3.985,00

22kW, 2 pistikupesa, 3-faasiline
Defa eRange Duo on kahe tüüpi 2 pistikupesaga laadimiskarp kahe auto samaaegseks laadimiseks. See muudab selle ideaalseks laadimisjaamaks kahe parkimiskoha vahele paigutamiseks.


Defa eRange Duo on kahe tüüpi 2 pistikupesaga laadimiskarp kahe auto samaaegseks laadimiseks. See muudab selle ideaalseks laadimisjaamaks kahe parkimiskoha vahele paigutamiseks.

eRange Duol on kaks Type 2 pistikupesa ja see annab max. 22 kW võimsus, mis jagatakse kahe pistikupesa vahel, kui kaks autot laadivad korraga. Kõik osad, sh. pistikud ja sisekomponendid, mis on kohandatud madalate temperatuuride, vihma, lume ja jääga põhjamaisele kliimale. Laadimisjaam on elegantne ja sobib paigutamiseks sellistesse keskkondadesse nagu privaatsed garaažid.

Laadimisjaam on moodulipõhine ja kõik osad on vajadusel lihtsalt vahetatavad. teenust. Seade on väga paigaldussõbralik ja kergesti kokkupandav.

  • Laeb kahte autot korraga
  • Ideaalne kahe parkimiskoha vahele paigutamiseks
  • Toide jagatakse kahe pistikupesa vahel, kui kaks autot laadivad korraga
  • Kõik osad on kohandatud põhjamaisele kliimale
  • Sobib paigutamiseks poolavalikesse keskkondadesse
  • Modulaarne – kõiki osi saab lihtsalt vahetada


Tehnilised andmed

Tehnilised andmed  
Max võimsus laadimispunkti kohta 22 kW
Kontakti pistikupesade arv tüüp 2 2
Sõiduki kontaktide arv tüüp 1 0
Sõiduki kontaktide arv tüüp 2 0
Sõiduki pistikute arv tüüp 1 CCS 0
Sõiduki pistikute arv tüüp 2 CCS 0
seeria eRange Duo
Sõiduki kontaktide arv CHAdeMO 0
Ühenduse installimise leht 3 faasi
Energiamõõturiga Jah
Kommunikatsiooniliidesega Jah
Laadimisüksuste arv 2
A-tüüpi maanduskaitselülitite arv 0
B-tüüpi maanduskaitselülitite arv 2
Ühenduse nimivõimsus 22 kW
Kontakti pistikupesade arv tüüp 3 0
Määritud 400 mm
Sügavus 194 mm
Kõrgus 492 mm
Materjalist korpus/ümbris Plastikust
Kaitseklass (IP) IP54
Löögikindlus (IK) IK08
Paigaldusmeetod Seinakinnitus
Ühendusraamatuga Ei
Kaitselülitiga Ei
Kaubakäitlusega Jah
Juurdepääsu kontrolli funktsioon Jah
Kesk- ja Ida-Euroopa müügikohtade arv 0
Sõiduki kontaktide arv GB AC 0
Sõiduki kontaktide arv GB DC 0
Schuko kontaktide arv 0
Pistikupesade arv GB 0

eRange® Duo | with two outlets

Charge two electric cars at the same time

The eRange Duo is built on the same technology as the test winner  eRange Uno , but has two outlets so you can charge two cars at the same time. It can also be supplied with an EU-approved energy meter that ensures that you have accurate control of power consumption, as well as an RFID reader that allows you to control who can charge. By also installing homeCLU * , you get the fastest possible charging at home, without having to sacrifice any of the capacity in the electrical system.

Taking Charge – App:

Control the charging of your EV via our app

Gain full control of how and when your electric car is to be charged. App-based control of eRange® Duo, both for Android and iOS.


Take a look at this product sheet for more detailed information.

General Specifications



Charging effect:

Connection to car(not included):

Open / close:

Fastening / suspension:

Ambient temperature during operation:




Surface treatment:

Modular structure:

WxHxD:400 x 492 x 194 mm

5.7 kg

14kw = Up to 6.9kW per outlet=2 pcs.
22Kw = Up to 1x22kW or 2x11kW.

14kw =2 pcs. 1-phase Type2 socket for Mode 3 charging cables
22kw =2 pcs. 3-phase Type2 socket for Mode3 charging cables

Front cover opens with the associated triangular key

Wall mounting (standard), pole (option)

-30 to + 50 ° C

5 to 95% - non-condensing

RAL 9006/9005 – black

Cabinet of ABS plastic, front of Acrylic

Partly lacquered, decor.

If required, all large components can be easily replaced
during any maintenance

Electrical Specifications

Power supply:

Recommended electrical supply:

Power loss:

Idle loss:

Power sharing:

Earth fault circuit breaker:

Locking of charging plug:

Protection class:


Power input connector:

Ground fault protection:


Power failure:

1-phase or 2-phase, from either 230V-IT (Delta network)
or from 400V TN (with N conductor)

32A to 63A course.

Own power consumption approx. 0.5W


Distribution of available power between the
outlets based on how many cars are connected. 

behind lockable front panel.

Plug is locked to the Type2 socket during charging.

Class I, Must be connected
to permanent protective earth (PE)

The product only protects itself against surges.
 It does not meet the requirements for
surge protection according to to NEK400: 2018.

16 mm2 terminal block

Separate earth-fault circuit breaker
TYPE A RCBO 32A / 30mA / C and DC
earth-fault monitor for each outlet in accordance
with NEK IEC 62955.

2 pcs. MID approved, 1-phase energy meters.
 With the option of Modbus RS485
for digital reading of consumption
with CLU and Cloudcharge.

If a power failure occurs, the locking mechanism
in the Type2 sockets will unlock so that the plugs
can be removed.

Connectivity and User interface



Access restriction:


Modbus RS485 serial communication.

Status indication for each outlet and RFID
reader with LED lights with graphic symbols on the front.

Status lamp explanation: Free = flashing green light (every 5 seconds).
Communication by car = green continuous light.
Charging in progress = blue continuous light.
Charging complete = blue flashing light (every other second).
Error = Continuous red + alternating between green and blue light.

Authentication using RFID cards.
 Access control can be disabled
during installation using DEFA CPC

PC software is downloaded from the installer page
 Android application (DEFA CPC)
can be downloaded from Google Play.

Compliance and warranty

Standards and certification:


Protection class:

Product warranty:

NEK / EN / IEC 61851-1: 2017


IP54, IK08

3 years from date of purchase
(wearing parts such as cover have a warranty period of 1 year)

Downloadable sheets below.

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